The largest database in Brazil

36 years of experience

Officially founded on April 22, 1998, with its founders operating since 1988, Credilink has over three decades of experience in the credit protection and financial fraud prevention market.

Recognized as the largest company in the segment with operations throughout the national territory, we serve multinationals, public agencies, banks, finance companies, credit card companies, payroll loan providers, among many others, totaling thousands of users and hundreds of partner clients.

Our Team

Our Team

Ϟ Mauro Melo
Ϟ Marcio Duarte
Ϟ Rosane Peçanha
Ϟ Rafael Melo
Ϟ Fernando Sita

The hope of the harvest lies within the seed
Professor José Henrique de Souza

We know our important role in Brazil, ensuring consumers a source of information that is unblemished and filtered according to the profile of each business, meeting the needs, legitimate interests, and legal requirements of the parties. In a competitive environment, we do not consider ourselves better or worse, but rather different. Because we take our mission very seriously, always honoring our motto: "Our partnership goes beyond the contract."


We develop products and services focused on credit protection. More than the LARGEST CREDIT INFORMATION DATABASE IN BRAZIL, Credilink is a company that provides software and services that assist in the prevention of financial fraud, directing the consultant straight to the essential information needed to eliminate fraudulent behavior, offer secure credit, assist in legal determinations, contract fulfillment, among other legally mandated items.